Wrights Of Howth Brand Identity

This is the primary logo

Download zipped files of all logos in Adobe Illustrator printer format.

Download zipped folder of all logos in PNG format suitable for Word, Powerpoint, Web.

We use Trade Gothic Next and Georgia fonts.

Colours are Pantone 282C Blue and Silver Pantone 877c

Hex version of Pantone 282C Blue = #041E42

Web version of Pantone 877c = #8a8d8f

This is a sample of the primary logo in use on the Gift Shop bag and on a letterhead.

This is the secondary logo. This is used where there is not enough room for the primary logo.


This is a sample of the secondary logo in use on a bag sticker and gift tag for the Dublin Airport Terminal 1 gift shop and coffee cups.

This is the seafood packaging logo positioned on a sample pack.

For any logo or brand queries please use the form on our contact us page.