World Famous, Award-Winning Wrights of Howth Organic Irish Smoked Salmon

We still fillet the fish by hand and cure them using only natural sea salt. We then smoke each fish for eight hours using pure oak chippings which give our products their world-renowned flavour. Due to the conservation of our wild salmon stocks, Wrights of Howth have now moved to producing Organic Irish Smoked Salmon for which we have won the Great Taste Award 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022, 2023 and The Blas na hEireann 2019 Award.

How we hand-smoke our Salmon.

  1. Hand Filleting:
    The process begins with hand-filleting the fish. Each fish is carefully prepared to ensure quality.
  2. Natural Sea Salt Cure:
    Wrights of Howth uses only natural sea salt for curing. This traditional method enhances flavour and preserves the fish.
  3. Eight-Hour Smoking:
    After curing, each fish is smoked for eight hours. Pure oak chippings are used for smoking.
    Oak imparts a rich, distinctive flavour to the salmon.
  4. World-Renowned Flavour:
    The combination of hand-filleting, natural sea salt, and oak smoking gives their products their world-renowned flavour. The result is award-winning Irish Smoked Salmon.