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Eoin O'Connor

Cow Water/Milk Jug - Eoin O'Connor

Cow Water/Milk Jug - Eoin O'Connor

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Beautifully presented in a gorgeous gift box this water jug is the perfect addition to your dining table, and makes for a fun Irish gift!

Eoin O'Connor's eclectic style and striking use of colour make his work instantly recognisable. While his command over scale and perspective is rooted in his architectural training, his passion remains firmly grounded in creating strikingly vibrant paintings which echo his unique view of Irish life. Eoin’s vividly contrasting palette and striking compositions provide an instantly recognisable style to his extensive body of work; one which remains inspired by the beauty of Ireland’s landscapes, seascapes, and inhabitants!

His unique use of high-quality paints on thick canvas results in creating a multi-dimensional perspective for the viewer; heightened through techniques such as impasto and a nuanced understanding of his subject matter.

Eoin has exhibited in London and New York, as well as a number of Irish venues including his own galleries. Eoin has the desire to produce and display locally inspired and created art within a globally accessible platform.

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