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Royal Tara

Irish Weave Shamrock Spoon Rest - Royal Tara

Irish Weave Shamrock Spoon Rest - Royal Tara

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Add a touch of Irish charm to your kitchen with our vibrant Irish Shamrock spoon rest. Designed in Galway, Ireland, it showcases the intricate style of 9th-century Celtic manuscripts painted by monks on vellum or calf skin. The Shamrock, a symbol of magical powers in Celtic mythology, takes pride of place in the Irish weave design. According to legend, St. Patrick used the three leaves of the Shamrock to teach the Irish people about God. Today, the Shamrock is synonymous with Ireland and St. Patrick's Day celebrations. This spoon rest is the perfect gift for passionate cooks, infusing their kitchen with a touch of Irish magic. Look out for other symbols of Ireland, such as the Harp, High Cross, and Claddagh Ring.

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