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Wrights of Howth

Smoke House Box - Wrights of Howth

Smoke House Box - Wrights of Howth

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Unveil the Elegance of Smoke with Our Smoke House Box!

• Sliced Smoked Salmon 240g
• Smoked Trout 240g
• Smoked Kippers 240g
• Smoked Mackerel 240g
• Presented in a Corporate Gift Box

Prepare for a gourmet journey that is infused with the irresistible allure of smoky flavours. Our Smoke House Box is a symphony of carefully smoked delicacies, including our award-winning Organic Smoked Irish Salmon.

Organic Smoked Salmon: Elevate your palate with the star of our show – our award-winning Organic Smoked Irish Salmon. Handcrafted with precision and care, this salmon has been honoured for its exceptional taste and quality. Each slice embodies the essence of the ocean, enhanced by the delicate taste of smoke. It is a true taste of culinary mastery.

Smoked Trout: Dive into the subtle smokiness of our Smoked Trout, a delicacy that boasts a unique flavours profile with every bite.
Smoked Kippers: Savour the rich and robust taste of Smoked Kippers, a breakfast classic that's been elevated to perfection.
Smoked Mackerel: Experience the bold and distinctive flavours of Smoked Mackerel, a fish that's been transformed into a masterpiece of smoky goodness.

Whether you are indulging in a moment of self-pampering or sharing the gift of gourmet perfection, our Smoke House Box promises an extraordinary culinary adventure. Elevate your dining experience with the smoky sensations that have made our Organic Smoked Irish Salmon a true award-winning legend.

Treat yourself or delight someone special with the Smoke House Box.

Please note this product has a 10 day shelf life from the day of ordering / shipping.

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