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Wild Goose Studio

Grá Dílseacht Cairdeas - Wild Goose Studio

Grá Dílseacht Cairdeas - Wild Goose Studio

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Experience the profound meaning of "Grá Dílseacht Cairdeas" - Love Loyalty Friendship, words synonymous with the iconic and romantic Claddagh Ring. In Ireland, words hold a special place, engraved on Ogham stones, celebrated through songs, poetry, and everyday conversations.

While the Irish language experienced a decline in past years, it is now witnessing a remarkable resurgence, showcasing its beauty in this award-winning design originally crafted by Adam Grabski. This piece, part of our Scríobh Range honoring beloved Irish words and phrases, is meticulously hand-finished in iron with a limed white frame or bronze with a warm grey frame.

Measuring 8.5 x 11.5 inches (21.5 x 29cm), this artwork embodies the rich cultural heritage and deep-rooted values of love, loyalty, and friendship. Display it proudly in your home or offer it as a meaningful gift, encapsulating the essence of these timeless ideals.

Embrace the beauty of the Irish language and celebrate the enduring connections of "Grá Dílseacht Cairdeas" - Love Loyalty Friendship. Let this exquisite artwork serve as a constant reminder of the cherished values that enrich our lives.

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