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Wild Goose Studio

The Family Gathering - Wild Goose Studio

The Family Gathering - Wild Goose Studio

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Family is a sacred circle of love and connection, serving as the foundation of society in ancient Ireland. The clann, an extended family unit, intertwined with neighboring clanns, forming a network of kinship and support.

The Family Tree holds profound symbolism across cultures, representing the harmonious union of earth and sky, the physical and the spiritual realms. In this context, it signifies the vital importance of familial bonds and the unity they bring.

An exclusive design crafted by the Studio, this artwork showcases a meticulously polished pure bronze finish with a ceramic resin cold cast pouring. With dimensions of 9.5 x 8 inches (24.5 x 20.5cm), it beautifully captures the essence of family unity and love.

Presented in a Wild Goose Studio gift box, this Family Tree sculpture is a cherished and meaningful gift, honoring the sacredness of family connections and the enduring strength they provide.


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